Circles never start, nor do they end.  They just are.  And friendships like these never start and never end.  They were meant to always BE.  Miles and marriages and jobs and kids and life take us away from each other.  Somehow we reconnect.  The world is a small or large as it is. 33 years ago we shared classrooms and therapy rooms and the sidewalks of our college campus.  We studied late at night and helped each other memorize the nervous system and Dr. Hahns theories of language expansion.  Eventually we drifted off to excotic places like Hermiston and Stockton and one even landed   in Australia.  Debbie entered the picture and tied another circle onto ours.  The California circle never started, never ended and now it is joined us together.
Susie wants to start a quiet revolution of change.  Carol wants all to find peace in their own hearts, and in their homes and communities before we take on the world. Dana wants to do something completely different than speech path, now that she is all grown up.  Debbie seeks quiet and peace of retirement…isn’t it about time?  And Jules, we miss your accents developed from living in three regions of the world, and we miss your wisdom and your fun (and I miss your moms home made grapejuice).  Julia what is   your wish?
The world is very small, really.  I am glad for these friends who were in my circle of academia.  We meet again near the end of our careers.  Circle still intact.

hop skip and jump Carol returns to the Camino

walPilgrims on the Camino Frances walk across Spain from East to West. So intent on finding the next yellow arrow for direction, they seldom look back.  Dwelling on the past, the “should of’s”, the “I wish”, the regrets…only adds weight to your mochila  and burdens one in  their Camino.  But a quick look over the shoulder to catch the beauty of where you have come from, the mountains and valleys and rivers you have crossed…well, that lightens your step.  If you must look back, see the beauty in the road you have walked. See how very far you’ve come