GEAR UP for the Camino

I have been spending time checking my gear.  My mochila (pack) is a Gregory Jade 38.  It is still in good shape after last years training hikes and Camino trek. I don’t care for hydration bladders so I am considering a waist pack for easier access to my water bottles. I need to add my APOC patch to my C TEAM and Camino Forum patches

Trekking poles need to be replaced.  I bought these poles at a sporting goods store in Enterprise Oregon when I realised I had left my REI poles at home as I was packing for the trip  up the Hurricane Creek in the Eagle Caps.  They cost $29.95 and served me well for years.

Clothing…always fun to shop!  Recently purchased Ice Breaker tights and a quarter zip  base layer shirt. Columbia omni shield pants are a little heavier but also water resistant stretch and zip off.  My husband insisted on a new rain jacket and bought me a Marmot Minimalist in bright green! We added REI rain pants for a very packable light weight combination.  New underwear, bras and socks ave yet to be purchased. I am  going to try liners with my smart wools.  I will be taking my signature pink baseball cap, a light stocking cap, light weight gloves, a fleece, another pare of zip offs, a long sleeve guide shirt, a tech t-shirt, a neck buffy and a bandana and a sarong.

The final word is still out on hiking shoes.  The PT and orthotist are working hard to get my right ankle to bend and my calf muscles to loosen up.  It  may be that I will be wearing a brace of some type on my right leg.  I have been wearing some New Balance mid high trail walkers.  Also in my collection are oboz, keen, vasque and asics.

Last night I was shopping around a Sportsman Warehouse and saw a Down blanket that weighs in at one pound.  Also bamboo blanket, which I had never considered.  Currently, my sleeping combination consists of a silk sheet and flannel zip blanket.  I think that will be adequate as most of the albergues had big wool blankets to throw over the top.

Other items…hmm…a spork, a multi tool, tiny flashlight or head light,  camp towel, dry soap,
tiny clothespins, a length of parachute cord, electrical adapter, iPad and charger. Money belt and document pouch.  Prescription meds, a small supply of ibuprofen, leg cramp pills etc to get me started. Antiperspirant and talcum powder. Blister kit.  Smalll first aid kit including peptobismal tabs cold tabs. Comb and hair ties, kleenex pack, sm. pkg of toilet paper,
tooth brush and sm toothpaste, suncreen, lip balm, and a little makeup!

Last year I found some great compression bags at Wal mart.  They were inexpensive and a bit noisy though and I may change to packing cubes. 

Have I missed anything?
Whatever I forget I can easily buy there.  The Spanish economy can benefit from my support.

Please comment. I love to hear your thoughts!

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