One Friend is Silver and the Other Gold

(make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold The week before I was to leave for college, a friend stopped by to wish me well. She shared her experiences of college life to prepare me for what was ahead. One comment she made stuck with me: “The friends youContinue reading “One Friend is Silver and the Other Gold”

When I’m 64

I have a birthday most people  remember.  Its February 14th, Valentine’s Day. As long as I remember, my dad handpicked chocolates from Brights Candy in Walla Walla and placed them in a special heart shaped box.   Mom made heart shaped cookies or a cake.  In good times and in bad times, they always tried toContinue reading “When I’m 64”

The Cat Connection

With the exception of two or three, the cats we have owned over the years fit the description of barn cats. Adventure eventually caused their demise as they wandered into the farm fields to be picked up by hawks or coyote; or climbed into visitors open car windows to get a ride to a far-offContinue reading “The Cat Connection”

Good Night Friend

Across the miles I reach my hand To brush your cheek and say goodnight The fairy dust that lines my eyes Will keep them shut so very tight Its time to sleep but first I pray And then on lilac pillows lay The blue hour comes and goes and then The darkest hour of timeContinue reading “Good Night Friend”

Christmas Eve

We knew it would happen. It still came as a shock when it did: Christmas at home by ourselves. We went to a 4 pm Mass and ate a humble dinner. I will admit that I have not been attending Mass regularly at Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church in Hermiston. A pandemic of lengthyContinue reading “Christmas Eve”

Birthday Weekend

Charlie’s Birthday Weekend Nothing is more discomforting than having your husband turn 69 and not being able to get out of the house to purchase a present, or even a card.  What’s a girl to do?  Pull something out of your hat! Quick! I called my friend Laura and asked if she and her 2ndContinue reading “Birthday Weekend”

Left-over  vs leftovers

What do you think when you hear the word “left-over”? Is it different than the word leftovers? What did I have for dinner that would make a good lunch for today? ` What’s in the fridge that was great last night and will taste even better than the first time around. Moms’ meatloaf! Put itContinue reading “Left-over  vs leftovers”

Interesting…the next day

We arrived in Colorado Springs about 6 pm, missing the evening traffic. We pulled up to the motel where I had secured  a room for the next two nights.  I sat in the van while Charlie registered.  It seemed like it was taking a long time when  he came out with a mountain of sheetsContinue reading “Interesting…the next day”


I use it to mean odd, unusual, and sometimes I use it when I really want to say a swear word. We are hardy campers, Charlie and me. It’s just getting to where we are going to lay our heads that is sometimes the challenge. More on the stress of navigating in another blog postContinue reading ““Interesting””

From pedaling across Iowa to Fishing in Wisconsin: How did these two people with Parkinsons meet?

I wonder what Michael thought when I asked if we could meet up with him during our upcoming road trip. More than that, I wonder what he thought when I asked if he would arrange a guided fishing trip to enjoy together. Michael Fahning is an Ambassador for the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinsons. HeContinue reading “From pedaling across Iowa to Fishing in Wisconsin: How did these two people with Parkinsons meet?”