mothers day 2021

some names and locations are reserved from comment to allow for some guessing to occur. Mothers Day 2021 Son number one sent a card.  Son number two Facebook messaged me.  Husband number one and only had a nice card and a plan to drive me wherever I wanted to go.  I wanted to see myContinue reading “mothers day 2021”

Good Friends Good Service May 7, 2021

Sometimes circumstances arise that allow other  people to show their true colors, and I mean in a positive way.   The first group in mind are in the good friends category.  Charlie  had to go out of town for a few days. He knew he was leaving me at a time I was not doing wellContinue reading “Good Friends Good Service May 7, 2021”

A Challenge Just When I Needed One

A Challenge Just When I Needed One April 20, 2021 I have not been having a good time lately.  You read my last post, didn’t you?  My mind seems to be thinking clearly but the words are getting mixed  up.  I cannot walk any distance at all without support.  Up and out of the chairContinue reading “A Challenge Just When I Needed One”

I turned off my DBS today

Why did I do that? Feeling crummy today. My ankles and feet are so swollen I cannot get my shoes on. I fell hard yesterday, on my back. I don’t usually fall on  my back. My trekking pole was not tightened and when I put it down and put my weight on it it slidContinue reading “I turned off my DBS today”

Facebook Memory

Mt Rainier June 19, 2000 This was actually 21 years ago on our Anniversary. There must be a reason why it showed up in my memories today. This climb occurred 6 months after I had a total hysterectomy. Charlie and I spent a day on the lower slopes where he taught me about harness andContinue reading “Facebook Memory”


I am very humbled.  Life is good for me.  Not only my life as a woman in my early sixties.  My life as a person with Parkinson’s disease is good, and at times even rewarding. In January of each year our church puts up crosses in the outdoor play area to remind people of theContinue reading “ADOPTION”

The Best Day Ever

In January of 2020, I was preparing for a great road trip. Charlie had our Coachman Crossfit camper van, Dooley, mechanically ready for our journey. I had arranged for 12 speaking engagements along the way and figured out how to get to each location and where we would stay at night. We packed healthy foodContinue reading “The Best Day Ever”

Write your Story

The Ribbon of Road Ahead gave me the opportunity to compile stories of events and the lessons I learned from the events. There are many many, and I will say it again, many more stories I could share about events in the same time period. When I recorded the book in the studio, many ofContinue reading “Write your Story”

Hearing the Church Bells Ring

I stood outside the church door, leaning on the handrail of the ramp.  The silver hearse was parked at the curb and pick-ups and cars were lining up behind to follow it to the cemetery.  I watched as a Volkswagen sedan zipped ahead. A red blinking light attached to the roof alerted me that thisContinue reading “Hearing the Church Bells Ring”

Is Helping Others “Medicine”

In my role as an Ambassador for the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s, I am asked to complete a survey at the end of each week.  The survey consists of one question and a space for comments How much do you agree with the following statement? “I am satisfied with the work I was ableContinue reading “Is Helping Others “Medicine””