To Amy Carlson honor indebtedness grateful gracious appreciative heartfelt beholden Besides being super brainy, a great dancer, a storyteller and an artist. Amy has a huge heart.  She has surrounded herself with people who she loves and love her.  They have been together since March 13, 2020.  They show up for her, for each otherContinue reading “gratitude”

Learning to Read

Learning to read 11.18.20 I know the reason a teacher would want to be assigned to a kindergarten, first grade or second grade class.  By third grade most students are reading to learn. In these earlier grades, as children learn to read the magic of words comes to life.  Have you ever watched a child’sContinue reading “Learning to Read”


ALIVE Autumn came too quickly.  Last week, I think it was Thursday, a heavy frost was forecast.  Charlie went outside and picked the peppers and tomatoes that were still eeking out an existence in the fading hours of sunlight…sitting in the pots and buckets that were this year’s garden. And then, it happened.  The windContinue reading “Alive!”

Social Media according to NetFlix

  I used to bring electronics in bed to help me stay awake. I was afraid to sleep.  Wild dreams, the kind where you live them over and again, possessed me for days after. And now, when the electronics come to bed with me, I turn them on and instantly fall asleep.  Falling asleep isContinue reading “Social Media according to NetFlix”

Spilled Coffee

Its not uncommon for me to knock over a coffee cup. It happened just the other day as I reached for the TV controller to turn on the morning news. I had set my coffee down near me on the kitchen table. Still shaking the cobwebs out my head, I knocked it with my elbow. Continue reading “Spilled Coffee”

Milepost Zero

It’s four o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon in September. At least I know what month it is. My calendar tells me I am in South Africa.  I am there for three weeks. I  arrived a few days early to acclimatize.  On Sept.5 I gave a talk during a  Parkinson’s Awareness Conference.  Then we set outContinue reading “Milepost Zero”

Don’t Get Stuck

  As my husband Charlie left the trailhead on his four-day backpacking trip in the Eagle Cap Wilderness he turned and flashed a smile. He was in his element, and I wanted to be there too.   You see, I had hiked hundreds of miles in these mountains with him.  But the 34 miles of upContinue reading “Don’t Get Stuck”

The Seagulls say “Goodnight”

The after-dinner nap was going well.   I was deeply into it on a very cozy couch.  One pillow was under my head and the other was over my head, dampening any sound that might keep me awake.  In my dreams I saw whales, dressed patriotically in Evil Knievel bike kits, jumping in and out ofContinue reading “The Seagulls say “Goodnight””

The Sassy Chassis

My July Journey started out pretty darn bumpy. On the last day of June I was fitted with an ankle brace and orthotics which improved my walking and so far decreased the significant pain from calluses on the bottom of my feet. That is a big HURRAY! The new items were very comfortable and IContinue reading “The Sassy Chassis”