To Amy Carlson

honor indebtedness grateful gracious appreciative heartfelt beholden

Besides being super brainy, a great dancer, a storyteller and an artist. Amy has a huge heart.  She has surrounded herself with people who she loves and love her.  They have been together since March 13, 2020.  They show up for her, for each other and for themselves.  They show up every day around 8:15.  No one has to knock to be let in.  They let themselves in, into their little boxes.  AND they dance, and they take time to breath AND THEN they talk, and they listen.  AND they really really would like to hug each other.  But they can’t.  They are locked in their little boxes by the pandemic.

Today is Thanksgiving.  This Thanksgiving has more hype around it than any other Thanksgiving.  We have been told by government officials to keep gatherings small.  Don’t travel.  Don’t spread that covid-19.  Don’t gather with your loved ones.   If you see more than two cars outside your neighbors house, report them. So much negativity around a holiday named “Thanksgiving”.

They showed up today.  About 15 of them, at Amy’s house.  They gathered in her garage and found their way to their little boxes and danced and sang “You can tell everybody this is your song….how wonderful life is with you in my world”  and “Thank you for being a friend…” They took a few minutes out to breathe, just breathe.  And then Amy asked for words meaning gratitude and they heard each other say: honor indebtedness grateful gracious appreciative heartfelt beholden…  .. And they spoke of their gratitude and their intentions to express gratitude.  There was no negativity, no fear, no loneliness, no self-doubt.  Because if there was, the love flowing from Amy’s big heart and beaming from her smiling face would chase it away, just as any sad feelings in her world be diminished by the reflections of love coming back at her.

“its Thanksgiving” she said.  “and you came”.

Yes we did Amy.  In gratitude, honoring each other, indebted, grateful and appreciative, with heartfelt thanks and beholden to many.

3 responses to “gratitude”

  1. Thanks Carol, Nicely put. I’m so happy to be a part of this family . 💜

  2. When you first read this to us on ASD I was overwhelmed, a rush of colliding feelings careened in my Parkinson’s addled brain. I can’t begin to explain about ASD. What it is, means, does, or how it is, means, does… To hear and read your words, to have them float down on me and melt into me, to have them capture this place in time, what and how it is… Thank you

  3. Count your blessings.” Name them one by one . I woke up, I am well, I can dance with ASD, I have food, I have family, I am loved………………………….etc.

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