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The Ribbon of Road Ahead gave me the opportunity to compile stories of events and the lessons I learned from the events. There are many many, and I will say it again, many more stories I could share about events in the same time period. When I recorded the book in the studio, many of the unpublished stories came back to me. There was something about hearing myself in the headphones that made words come alive. I could see the characters move and hear them speak. I smelled the spray coming from the huge tractor-trailer rigs in the vinyards, and the rough feel of the heavy wool blankets in the albergues in Spain.

I have been told that my book has inspired people with Parkinson’s disease to get up and move. To think that my words gave someone hope has been is unimaginable to me, but true I ‘spose.
So if you have a story in you that needs to get out, put it on paper. I know that takes alot of courage. Sometimes it means you “out” your self from something you have hidden for awhile.

In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, third book in the series the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis, the character Eustace goes through a spiritual transformation. But first he must embrace the truth of his own brokeness.

After my diagnosis with Parkinsons, it took awhile to get over the shock and accept that this disease was not going away. It wasn’t until I accepted that I was a damaged diseased person, that I could get on with life.

It was in “this truth” that I embraced that I came to a new understanding. And I was able to help others.

“Your story could be the key that unlocks someone elses prison. Dont be afraid to share it.

We learn lessons in our storytelling. And, like the quote, our stories might be just what another person needs to unlock their prison.

So, Tell your stories

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  1. Sheri Lee Gannon Avatar
    Sheri Lee Gannon

    You are truly inspiring … your words change lives.

  2. You are such a inspiring person and make me feel that i could do more than i try, but then when i try things happen that i don’t want. take lastnight for instance, i was sitting on the edge of the bed trying to get my shoes off and get into my jammies when all of a sudden i found myself sitting on the floor and i could not get up no matter how hard i tried, with my bad knees i can’t get on them at all. finally after quite awhile i yelled loudly for my husband, he came in and tried to help me up but we just couldn’t do it. (he has cancer) so i said give me my phone and i called our oldest daughter here in town, it was going on 9 PM and i hated to bother her, but she and her son who is in is 20″s came up and got me up in no time. I am a little bruised today and sore but no broken bones. This darn Parkinson’s just likes to get me down every once in awhile. I sometimes don’t feel that i have a very good attitude about Parkinson’s but i at least try. I know you are really active Carol and you don’t seem to let it get you down. God Bless you. and Happy New Year.

  3. Caro every since the Covid 19 virus hit which is coming up on a year, i have felt like i was living a different time one than before. It seems that it is much harder to live with Parkinsons an really puts me in a down mood, I am sure i am not the only one that feels that way, when i read your stories its like turning on a light and you open my eyes to what is really going on, you have a wonderful outlook on life. thanks for sharing with all of us.

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