I am very humbled.  Life is good for me.  Not only my life as a woman in my early sixties.  My life as a person with Parkinson’s disease is good, and at times even rewarding.

In January of each year our church puts up crosses in the outdoor play area to remind people of the children whose lives were taken through abortion since Roe vs Wade.

The first two paragraphs may have you wondering what this is all about.

Two boys came to make our family whole.  They grew inside the womb of two selfless women, who gave birth to them only then to relinquish them to us. Loren came to us when he was three days old.  Luke joined our family when he was less than 24 hours old.   

Now do you see why I feel so humbled.  Now do you see why I mention Roe vs Wade?

Neither of these women were Catholic.  Charlie and I practice this faith. And yet they chose us. We may never know why.  One birth mom had a lot of support, the other kept her pregnancy a secret.  These boys came to us almost 8 years apart.  They each presented us with much joy, and many challenges and heartbreaks over the years.  We held them close always, if not is our arms we held them in our prayers. They are both adults now, completely out on their own. We miss them.

We did what their birth moms asked, to raise them to adult hood. We did our job.

I do admire these women for the bravery they demonstrated throughout their pregnancies.  And after carrying them under their heart for 9+ months and delivering them, I can’t imagine what it felt like place them in our family.  I think it was as painful as the delivery.

Two handsome, intelligent, and wonderful men are out in the world doing their thing.  And when they are home, they intuitively know what I need help with, and they are at my side.

I am not making a moral or political statement here.  So please don’t respond in that way.

I just wanted you to know, about our boys, that is.

God has given me a very good life.   Parkinsons disease or not.  Life is good to me.

2 responses to “ADOPTION”

  1. Beautiful tribute, carol.

  2. Carol, it is wonderful that you adopted these two boys, I am sure they are great young men now.

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