The Fighters

The first stop on this grand tour was Lewiston Idaho where I was welcomed by Coach Jennifer Ford and her Lewis and Clark Valley Rock Steady Boxers. This was my first time in a live training session and wow was I surprised at the level of difficulty the workout presented. The strength and endurance theseContinue reading “The Fighters”


Kittens We have kittens at our house.  This surprises some of my readers who know that I am allergic to cat hair. I am also allergic to dogs, pollen, dust, sage. Tumbleweed, latex, glue that is used in surgery.  The list goes on and on. In short, I am allergic to almost everything.  I hadContinue reading “kittens”

A Spoonful of Sugar

A Spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down Forty years ago I walked into West Park Elementary and introduced myself to the secretary as Carol Kleespies, the speech pathologist assigned from the Education Service District.  She took me around the corner to Principal Stine’s office and invited me to sit down in the chairContinue reading “A Spoonful of Sugar”

piles of stuff

Piles of stuff  August 10 There are several workstations around my house.  The office has a desktop computer and piles of papers.  The hallway has a table and chairs and right now has piles of cables and wires.   The kitchen table is a good workstation for drawing. But now I must clean up the pilesContinue reading “piles of stuff”

Glacier Bay, Alaska

Glacier Bay, Alaska (author’s note: this story parallels “DADS”. Please leave a comment as to which you like better) Finding a secure place to put my foot became more challenging. Sandy soil gave way and I had to consciously think to pick up my feet.  Step high, step big. Darn Parkinson’s.  It was not goingContinue reading “Glacier Bay, Alaska”

Allison: John 10:10

Down, down, down the trail went towards the small Oregon town of Banks. We were riding the state bike “rail to trail” which is located between Banks and Vernonia, Oregon.  Gliding at 15 mph kept me in control because if I went any faster, I would  not be able to respond quick enough to avoidContinue reading “Allison: John 10:10”

Children Visiting

Children Visiting 5.26.2021 “The Kids are coming on Sunday at 2:30” “What kids?” “You know  the KIDS!” “Oh you mean THE KIDS!” My husband is a CASA (court appointed special advocate).  For the last several years he saw the KIDs on a regular basis.  I never knew who the KIDs were, their ages or anythingContinue reading “Children Visiting”

A Bluebird Day in Bickleton

A short strory about keeping traditions alive. (a story about traditions)  Carol Clupny 5/19/2021 A Bluebird Day in Bickleton (a story about traditions)  Carol Clupny 5/19/2021 Getting dressed for Sunday morning church as a little girl actually  started  Saturday night. It began with the adult in charge  (mom, dad, big sister Beth) struggling to get Continue reading “A Bluebird Day in Bickleton”