on the road, again

here we gooooooooo……..follow along. Here’s a challenge. Which of these people will we see on this trip?

4 responses to “on the road, again”

  1. You and Charlie are always welcome at Chez Gould 😊😊

  2. Good luck Carol i know you will have fun. Wish i could do something but am barely able to walk across the room, hope to see the orthopedic Dr soon in Walla Walla, or i won’t be walking at all my feet and legs are so swollen that doesn’t help.

  3. Hi Carol, my name is Denise Haggard and I’m the person who took your picture and met you Monday evening in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Our family has been touched by Parkinson’s also. I admire your journey. I am from Tennessee and as we were driving east to Bismarck to fly home on Wednesday you passed us on the interstate!! We were so excited to see your van zipping along beside us! I’m looking forward to following your blog. All the best to you, Denise

    1. thanks for reading my blog. i was really tickled to hear your comments about us passing you on the highway. looking forward to hearing your comments.

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