Left-over  vs leftovers

What do you think when you hear the word “left-over”?

Is it different than the word leftovers?

What did I have for dinner that would make a good lunch for today? ` What’s in the fridge that was great last night and will taste even better than the first time around.

Moms’ meatloaf! Put it on buttered bread and add some ketchup.  Excellent!  I can hardly wait!

The holiday parties are notorious for filling up the fridge with leftovers.  That ham we didn’t finish at the Lions Club Holiday dinner is taking up almost the entire second shelf. There is only space for a few baked yams.  Yams and Ham.  They go well together as rhyming words and leftovers. We will have those leftovers tonight.

Soup.  I was feeling sappy, so Charlie cooked up a nice fresh vegetable soup with stock he made from thanksgiving turkey. We had leftover soup and I knew my friends Ron and Anne would be coming over to play some bluegrass music.  I dug around for other leftovers and soon I had collected and added enough other leftovers that our soup so we could r two bowls each .

 Charlie makes excellent enchiladas so I was pleased to find leftovers for lunch. The enchiladas were accompanied by green chilis from New Mexico, green peppers, green beans, and green taco sauce.  We didn’t have to go to the store for anything as we made good use of the leftovers in our fridge.

The new year will be upon us so quickly.  I was asked today what my New Year’s resolution will be.  I have not been successful at keeping a New Year’s resolution, never. So I don’t make resolutions like that.


I did have some loose goals that were not accomplished

I suppose these are my left-overs from 2021.

They have been put on ice for almost a year.  If I pull them out now, will they taste even better.  No. What if I cut off the discolored pieces at the corners that look like mice chewed on them (ewww), butter the rest of them up, add some sauce to improve the overall appearance. Then, will it taste like mom’s day old meatloaf?

No, I don’t think so.

These left-overs are going down the garbage disposal with the moldy cheese from the bottom[i] shelf. 

I need fresh ideas, new adventures, not old stuff that got left-over from lack of interest. After all if they were good for leftovers. They wouldn’t still be around. We have finished them off already. 


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  1. Wayne A. Gilbert Avatar
    Wayne A. Gilbert

    My mother’s name was Alice Gilbert. I married an Alice who also became Alice Gilbert. My Alice has used her middle initial “C” to differentiate herself from my mom all these years. After my Mom died, my Alice and I arrived in Phoenix where my folks were living then. My Dad hugged my Alice tightly and whispered in her ear, “I guess you’re my ‘leftover Alice’ now.” And it stuck. From then until my Dad died, he called my Alice “Leftover.” My Alice loved that name; it made her feel she shared something very special with my Dad.

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