welcome back

I have been away from my website for a long time. I will be submitting blog posts more as I am into writing my second book.

5 responses to “welcome back”

  1. Carol I got your email today. I’m ordering your book today. I road with you on Ragbrai with the PFP team back around 2013 or 2014. I want to give your book to a someone newly diagnosed with PD. Wishing you the best with your next book. Bill

  2. Looking forward to it 💜

  3. Patrice Rifkind Avatar
    Patrice Rifkind

    Great job!!

  4. Welcome back! I am looking forward to your new book. I have given “Ribbon of Road Ahead” to friends as gifts and several of them have passed it on

  5. Think I’ve figured out how to break in to your comments (:) wondering if my comments about my tardiness was a coincidence….or not!

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