Cross training.

How does one prepare your body for the Camino.?

About 20 some years ago Charlie and I were day hiking on a glacier on Mt, Rainier when we met up with a group of 65 plus year olds base camped for a summit attempt that night. I was particularly interested in visiting with a woman in the group about her training. She commented that the best way to train is by ” doing it”. She walked several miles each day near her home. On weekends she hiked steeper and longer trails.

I believe this fits for the Camino. Now that I have experienced my round 1, I am cross training for Camino 2. Primary focus has been tilt the wine glass slowly towards the person pouring and smile longingly for a refill. Secondary focus is clanging a full beer mug in a toast to today’s walk with cheers around the table and not a drop spilled.

Day 1. 4 hours guitar playing. One beer
Day 2. One hour horse riding 1hour stretching. One wine
Day 3. Six miles walking 2 beers
Day 4 10 miles bike ride 2 whines

So, as you can see, if I continue on at this pace I will be a pickled pilgrim by April 26.

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