C minus 14 but who is counting…trying my stuff out.

When I was a little girl, coming home from shopping meant trying everything on again to show dad. Today was my  “try it on day”.  So, Dad what do you think?

It’s important to me to know what Dad thinks. Shortly before he passed away in December Dad reminded me. “Carol do what you want to do while you can.  Don’t wait and then have regrets”.  

I take those words to heart and put them into action. Glad for his blessing  I keep dreaming, planning, adventuring.  In this race against time I am a head in front of Mr Parkinsons.  Coming down the backstretch I hope to beat him by lengths.
Trying stuff out.  
Everything I take on the Camino has to be tried and true. So there has been need to replace some of my travel gear.  Shopping online is such fun!! Waiting for the goods is not.

The woman who delivers the mail has been bringing me lots of packages.  She makes me happy. I’ve excitedly met her at the door or in the driveway or I have even scrambled out to greet her at the road. 

I gleefully take the package and sing ” it’s Christmas again it’s Christmas again.”  She is a friendly person and smiles and laughs with me but probably wonders. Today I happened  to be out by the mailbox when she pulled in with the package from Amazon. Retuning  from my practice hike  I am wearing  new clothes, my full  pack, with trekking poles in hand and dripping sweat.  She doesn’t eask.  Do postal workers have a code of ethics?  Are they sworn to secrecy.? Did they take a vow  of a confidentiality?   Yesterday I missed her delivery of my daily package. Stuffed iin the mailbox was an REI envelope containing  bargains  from the outlet: A new Sahara shirt and a base layer top  Oh do I love new things.   Thank you postal worker .

A little about today’s walk
My clothes from my pack were spread all over. On the Camino I will need to be better about keeping things in their place.   The items were easily stuffed  back  inside and maybe ended up where they actually belong.  Socks and boots are no question  for me.  I am set there.  Yet I need to consider how long it takes to do any taping and get the toe socks on. No issues with my trekking poles.  I decided to try out a selfie stick.  though I  not sure I’m going to take it. It was kind of fun to figure it out. I filled a big water bottle and stuck it in the proper pocket and didn’t even make me off balance ( which tells me something  else is off balance in my pack.)  

Off I went across the street, down the sidewalk, past the hospital and up the Butte.  The Butte is the only hill around here.  Inside ithe basalt dome is the city’s water tank.  It’s more if asthetic  now that ithey took the ugly reservoir off the top and buried it there in the basalt. The Butte is covered with trails. some with  pretty steep pitches and others are just gentle grades. Today I walked over as fast as I could and took several of the grades up and down especially “down” where I realized I haven’t been doing enough down because going down my knees started a litany of complaints. Ignoring the pain,   I hauled back home quite fast. 
I’m sprawled out on my bedroom floor again, resting. This time I’m not leaving a huge puddle outlining my sweaty body. Immediately upon entering the house my boots were removed.  Sweaty hiking clothes were peeled off.  I walked directly into the shower.  Clean and cool now it feels good to be sprawled out.  

My mom once told me the world is the biggest classroom. Travel and learn.  My dad encouraged me to go now when I can, while  I am physically and mentally able.  
Travel enriches me on so many different levels.  But what about the Parkinson’s?  What about the back pain.?  
 I can and do have the same issues wherever I am in the world.  So why not travel? 
Two weeks from today I will fly to Paris!

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