I put on my boots today updated Aug 23, 2015

I put on my boots today updated Aug 23, 2015

Reaching into my closet with my good arm while  the rest of my body was squeezed between the rocking chair and the closet door may not have been the greatest idea. I was stiff and hurting if not from the Parkinsons Disease which is progressing  through  my body, then the 30 minutes on the bicycle trainer at 80 rpm or higher.  I wanted my boots, my hiking boots. But I was getting myself stuck. I put them on once a few months ago then hid them away where I could not see them, under the  sweaters and blouses hung there in hopes I will be able to fit in them again.  The boots called to me, “Come wear me”. “Walk me over hills, through vineyards and on the hard pavement and cracked sidewalks of city streets.” The insides felt so familiar to my feet.  I needed to be reminded of that comfortable supportive feeling.  The smoothness of the custom orthotics took away the tingling in the bottoms of my feet.  So thats where they had been,those orthotics, hiding with my boots. These nice Keen boots that had protected my feet while  walking on the GR 65, the Chemin le Puy from Montcuq, France to Ronscevailes Spain in the spring of 2013.  I had very few blisters wearing these Keens.   Do they have another go round left in them?  Do I ?

It turns out that the old friends are too worn.  They helped my body get through all that mud on GR 65 in 2013 and the wonderful mud, as (facial mudd is supposed to do,) closed up the pores (in this case the breathability pores in the boot membranes). I need to move on to a new pair.  
Will the new blue made in USA Keens be the ones? Will they provide as good as  “understanding” as the old ones.  Will they reveal to me their heart and sole?  Will they say “Don’t tread on me” when someone with large feet gets too close. My boots need to commit to my feet.  

 Boots are such a personal thing…you can’t go out and buy them for another person.  The new blue Keens and I are dating.  If they dont work out in some training hikes they can be returned. 

My Update:The new blue Keens have a place in my life. Not sure when I will turn to them again.  Due to a number of reasons I now sweat like crazy.  My feet were coming out of those Keens  feeling like I just stepped out of a bucket of water.  So I revisited REI and found these HOKAs. They feel cushy and they allow my feet to breath so that the toe sock liners wick the moisture away to the next layer, my thin to medium weight hiking socks!   Hurray.  I am set!! WillHurray.  I am set!!

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