C minus 6 But who is counting.

The last couple of weeks I have met many new Camino friends.  Women who set out solo or in pairs to walk the same path of the Camino Frances in early September have made connections with each other through Buddy System on the Camino,  APOC and the Portlandia Chapter of APOC.   Interesting how you can start online conversations trying to figure out which train to take because none seem to go where you want to go, or you make a post on  someones question about toe socks and end up feeling like life long friends.  I wonder if I will come across the walkers I’ve met online. They hail from Victoria BC, Saint Paul, MN, Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR, Australia and places I have forgotten.  Who will I meet in Paris,  Bayonne, Saint Jean Pied de Port, Ronscesvailles, Pamplona or other points along the way. The people, that is what the Camino has become for me.Their stories.  What they will carry.  What they will leave at  home.  What they will leave on the Camino,  And what makes their hearts beat.

A friend I actually met on the Camino in 2012 is  walking this fall.  ,,, Jennifer de la Riva…. a different path.  In response to her blog post tonight I wrote this…

The pilgrim paths I tread have felt the pounding of millions of heart beats. From ancient times to present days the rhythms remain unchanged.  Fast heartbeats when the path leads to acceleration and quick change and heavy heartbeats when the path leads to slow discernment.   The heartbeats  intertwine and murmur their secrets until they are known by all the Ways to Santiago.   Your Way knows mine.  My Way knows yours.   We walk different paths yet share the same Way,,, heartbeats of the Camino de Santiago.  I will carry your intentions in my heart.

I will carry you all in my heart.

My designated walking buddies are:

I will try to interview them for their perspectives on walking the Camino de Santiago.

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