When Your Pants Fall Down ( winter Spring 2015)

I rode the single out today. It was 60 degrees with a mild wind. I spent some time at the bike store wondering if I am ready for an upgrade. The nearby high school was letting out for the day and traffic was picking up so I pedaled on with dreams of disc brakes and composite tubing. Riding the familiar routes around town I noticed I kept slipping off the saddle. I adjusted myself back up and realized it was the nylon pants I had put on over my bike shorts. They were too big and too slippery. This was a pleasant problem, having lost enough weight that the pants kept sliding down, but the sliding off the seat,,,not good. I managed well until just about home. Whenever I turn right out of the driveway I have to face THE WEIRD INTERSECTION. I am sure every town has one. You know, the one where newcomers don’t know what to do. Free right turn here. Sign that says “Traffic coming from left does not stop” there. And giant trucks full of onions or potatoes looming down and almost cutting across your front tire as you hustle toward the traffic island for safety. So if I have gone right out of my driveway, I usually meet up with THE INTERSECTION coming home. Up to this point in time I have maneuvered THE INTERSECTION a hundred times without incident. Today I waited my turn to go and got only a pedal turn or two, enough to get in the middle of the right of way for those cars that don’t need to stop and I slipped right off the seat, lost my pedals and standing upright, also lost those slippery pants off my waist. Don’t worry I had shorts underneath and they didn’t go far, but it was a predicament .I quickly regained control of the pedals and forgot about the pants and got myself out of that intersection,,, I know there were no less than four drivers who were going to have a story for dinnertime conversation. Time to buy some nice tights I do believe.

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