Where do these "off the wall" titles come from?

Sunday November 15, 2014

From an “off the wall” person.

How to Hike in Scree

What kind of blog title is that?
Carol Spins and Weaves?
 Finally out of the mud?
What do these other blog titles mean?
Naming the blogs has taken much energy and thought.  This blog title jumped out at me after days and days of contemplating such names as “A New Journey” or “Turning the Page” or “A New Paragraph in Carol’s Life”  Don’t these titles just grab you and want you to devour every word?  Not me.  I hope for a title  that relates to a  specific event I am experiencing  or have experienced.
But learning something new.  Something dangerous, outdoorsy and challenging.  Hmm that’s sounding better.   Getting across a scree field.  Isn’t that an important  skill we should all know?  You may just be climbing above Maxwell Lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness of Northeastern Oregon.  You want to reach the saddle between two peaks so you can look out over the other side.  By golly the only way there is to cross the scree field.  How bad do you want it? Are you willing to step out on the slippery sliding sand and stones, where one single misstep sends you skidding down the steep slope? Being knowledgeable and feeling competent about crossing the scree gets you there faster. 
Where is “there” for me as the writer of this blog.  The “there” for me is the other side of a deep brain stimulation surgery.  I expect to undergo this procedure within the next 6 months.  But there is a big scree field in the wary.   It scares me, but I must get across. There is lots to learn and do and undergo before I reach DBS. And once past DBS I must keep going a ways get to the other side.

 Let’s learn How to Hike on Scree 

Full Definition of SCREE. : an accumulation of loose stones or rocky debris lying on a slope or at the base of a hill or cliff : talus.

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