Suggestion #2 How to hike on scree…zig zag

 As we look toward Mount Rainier we see the ash and scree on the summit of Mount Saint Helens.

Looking east to Mount Adams we are at the cornice of snow that hangs over the lip of the volcano.  Standing on the scree was a good thing because we knew there was earth under us.  The  snow was, well, just packed snow.  It could take us for a ride into the volcano if the conditions were right.

Reviewing the definition: Scree is the fine, crumbly crushed and eroded rock that slides underfoot, making it seem that the hiker is going up the down escalator. Often, each step up the mountain is accompanied by a corresponding slide down.

This definition of scree reminds me of the footing at the top of Mount Saint Helens. You follow a standard hiking route up Monitor Ridge. From about 4800 feet to near the rim of the volcano there are large poles  placed every so far apart  marking the route. (Actually there may have been wires attached at one time to gather data from the monitoring station at the top of the ridge, I will have to study that) It’s impossible to get lost if you don’t wander away from Monitor Ridge. But the footing gets tricky.  The scree on St. Helens becomes complicated by ash.  And unless you dare to climb when the slopes are still snow covered and frozen  you do the one step forward two steps back trick. 
Michael J Fox, currently the most famous person with PARKINSONS (as Pope John Paul II passed from this world in 2005) says that it’s that one foot forward that you should concentrate on the most. Makes sense especially when you are trying to get ahead of Parkinsons. Put the most effort going forward.  The sliding back is inevitable when attempting to gain elevation.  But that’s not where the effort is directed.

I made the summit of  Saint Helen’s twice. There are alot of things in my life I have done once, but then need to do again, and maybe even again.  Dr. Hiller please up  order one complete DBS surgery. I will visit the neurosurgeon again only when he has something better to offer  
Suggestion #2 for hiking on scree . When climbing on scree, look for a zigzag path and avoid facing the slope head on.
Heck no. I am not following this suggestion. I will never maintain or improve my mobility by zig zagging around.  Bring it on. I am following the protocol, like straight up Monitor Ridge to the scree and ash. One step forward. One step forward.  Working toward the day when the docs peek inside my brain..more boldly than when I tentatively stepped to the edge to look into the volcano. 
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