After the voice evaluation…the rest of the day.

I am glad my husband is also a speech pathologist as he understood the measurements taken in the baseline evaluation.   

We left the Center for Health and Healing at OHSU and retraced our steps on the busy Banfield freeway until we found ourselves at Gateway.  We were to meet Patty at  the Applebee’s.  Patty was able to help me explain to  Charlie  how you can have a good friend although you have never met face to face.  Facebook provides us with pen pals and you get to exchange thoughts with them with immediate gratification instead if waiting weeks for a reply. Patty is a pilgrim.  Her hospitality in sharing   the warmth of her home, a pleasant conversation, some great pie and tea reflected her pilgrim experience ( you know where you give because you have received). Patty got me to the airport in plenty of time to get on the 6:55 pm SeaPort flight to Pendleton. Why did I fly home? Charlie left after lunch to complete his annual “meat delivery “. 
The flight was full.  SeaPort did not offer any of the 8 passengers a voucher for a free flight if they gave up their seat.  I would have gladly spent the night on Patty’s couch.  The plane was able to leave a few minutes early. But if it would have hung around it would have been there when the two pieces of checked baggage arrived to be loaded.  The plane was flying over The Dalles when the mistake was discovered.  The only other woman on the flight had her car keys in her luggage.  I never check baggage on SeaPort.  I just put my back pack and trekking poles in the black equipment chest in the back of the plane and I am good. 

The ride was smooth but very dark. No moon tonight.  I slept and dreamed I was the pilot. The landing was bumpier than the typical SeaPort experience.   My trusty car was right where I left it at the Pendleton airport.  The Ford does not know the way home like my Buicks did. After waiting for the car to warm up  I actually had to drive it home.

Exhausted.  I was sore. No, more than sore. I was in pain.  The strange Parkinsons pain. Tomorrow…gym workout , yoga.  I dreaded the thought.  Yet if I didn’t exercise the pain and stiffness would be worse.  Buck up Carol. Buck up. 

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