Why I write. Jan 29 16

Why I write . Feeling anxious, agitated and not at all my usual self so sending the husband safely away while I take it out on PLASTIC!  Away you go ZipLock. I am GLAD to toss toss toss. Where did I get 6 sets of measuring cups and so many misc. measuring spoons.  And three sets of silverware in two drawers? No more!  Next the linen drawers and the duplicate kitchen utensils.  Mom’s.   Dad’s. The Ice Burg’s ( ok I will keep the great onion slicing knife, hamburger turner and mayo/relish spatulas) PS the house is going too(actually it’s staying and we are going) so if anyone wants  a nice big house with a huge shop on an acre personal message me.

I know you all think I am on a cleaning spree.  That I am.   Yet if we look past my sock drawer and the kitchen cupboards, there is more to learn about what is going on.  People with Parkinson’s Disease have a multitude of symptoms.  In a way it should be called Parkinson’s Cafeteria Syndrome.  (Everything is Parkinson’s but you may get a little of this and a lot of that served up on your plate and you don’t really have a choice). Most recently the symptoms have been tight rigid muscles accompanied by constant pain, topped with a smattering of restless leg syndrome and last night, Mr Parkinson’s forgot the whipped cream and cherry and topped off my day with a sense of panic and impending doom. Attacking the kitchen was my attempt at avoiding a tranquilizer or alcohol to calm the nerves.  I sent hubby to the movies and turned up the music.  Cleaning therapy worked well this time as by nine o’clock the sorting and packing up was done and my body, mind and soul were at peace.  There are alternatives to medicating oneself and given the chance they might work!
It’s been over 8 years since my diagnosis.  I know now that the disease was active in me long before that. When I asked God “what am I supposed to do with this?”  The answer came back “Do some good”.  How the heck can anything about this slowly progressing neurodegenerative disease be good. Then it came to me that I could share my life as a Person With Parkinson’s with all of you. And that by my adventures in travel and my poking fun at everyday life,by my sharing my struggles and accomplishments, by revealing my hopes and dreams. …  You can see beyond your own personal, physical and emotional challenges.  There is good in this world. There is hope. And comfort  really can be found on a Friday Night in Hermiston Oregon in my very own kitchen matching plastic containers and lids.   
In a nutshell that’s why I write about my life. Just trying to “Do some good”.  May you never have to visit a cafeteria where life gets “served up”. Go down the street until you see “Buffet”. You can “choose” there.
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