How Firma Foundation

I hope you will take a few minutes to listen to this beautiful hymn. And those of you going to 5 pm Mass tonight please sing it with us. Sara just sent this link to me and at what a perfect time. I was having a real “moment” of discouragement about my physical limitations. It was set off by the shop cleaning project. I was looking upon piles of “stuff” we have been unloading into our shop the last few years. Now as we prepare the property for selling we have to clean it out. I thought to myself, how much junk I have been stuffing into me. How many bad memories, broken relationship, anger fear and frustration have I been stuffing so I don’t have to deal with it now. How much food, alcohol, prescription drugs have I been stuffing in the name of comfort and pain relief. God is so good to be our firm foundation. What a blessed thought that is. I can now sit in a chair and work through these boxes and piles of junk. As each layer is revealed I see many treasures are there. I hope that on this sunny temperate day in Hermiston Oregon ( or cold snowy day elsewhere) you can take a look at the junk you have been stuffing away somewhere you don’t have to deal with it. Look through the layers and rediscover those treasures that lie within the beautiful you

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