Jan 27

OK Friends, hair style number one was the winner by vote. Even my hairstylist thought it would be a good style for me. I need to schedule a plastic surgery appointment to have the face that goes with the hair!
I am trying to keep myself occupied as I wait for the scheduler to call back with the date for my DBS surgery. I would go stir crazy if I thought about it all the time…so.. I am going through closets, boxes, drawers, the garage, the shop and leaving big messes behind as I get distracted into another room. Its great! I am spending time with my personal trainer, massage therapist, physical therapist(s), yoga instructor, guitar teacher, bicycling husband and walking friends to keep my body moving. I am volunteering, visiting friends, accepting invitations, playing music for the folks at assisted living, listening to podcasts and going to lectures to keep my mind active.
Time is going fast. Its almost February. 1/12 of 2016 is almost gone.
What will I be like in one month? Two months? Three months? In July at RAGBRAI, in August at the TRIATHLON, in September at the WORLD PARKINSON’S SYMPOSIUM.
Its like Christmas, so hard to wait

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