The first of each New Year we look ahead. We set goals and start taking action. My friends have come to expect me to do a big adventure of great endurance and physical ability. I generally announce something big, so people have been asking me “what do you have planned for this year, Carol ? ” You want to know my plan right now? Get ready! I plan to get some holes drilled in my skull and some wires attached so I can get some action going in the motor spots in my brain that aren’t working. First I have to get through the pre-assessments for Deep Brain Stimulation surgery.

This year I allow myself to look back to see how very far I’ve come. Look here at these pictures. I have walked long distances in France and Spain. It was hot, cold, wet, muddy, windy, steep, rocky. You name it I experienced it. Yet the success of the experience is based in the strength and grace I received from my Heavenly Father. Just think, a middle aged woman with Parkinson’s Disease walking and walking…and walking.
Check out a my photos and pray with me…that I will be accepted for this surgery and when it’s all over I will feel at least as good as my best days walking.
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