Feb 12, playing music

I was honored to play along with Anne and her sidekick. One strategy I have used the last several months to keep my sanity while waiting for the Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery is to play the guitar. I signed up for lessons with Mike Kellison who is super patient with me and yet offers challenging exercises. I have learned some really helpful strategies and now I can even keep up with these blazing fast tunes. The time flies and we can play for three or four hours and not even know it. What I guess I want to say here is “keep busy and keep moving”. When you get sucked down into depression or the pain gets to you “do something!” Thanks to Dottie Sheffield and Gathered Over Time for such a great place to hang out on a Friday afternoon.Hope tp be back there soon.

Dottie Sheffield's photo.

Dottie Sheffield with Anne Emmons and Carol Clupny at Gathered Over Time, An Eclectic Vintage Marketplace.

They’re Jamm

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