Countdown to DBS day 25 motivation

February 25
Recently I have been dealing with a great deal of pain.  I have had the usual PD pain, but its been complicated by sciatica.  So pour on the physical therapy from a very gifted clinician, have weekly therapeutic massage from the best around, work with a knowledgeable and observant personal trainer and stretch and bend and drink lots of water and eat well and WOW I licked it.  Then an ear infection, inflamed throat, a huge change in barometric pressure and a great big wind storm, me attempting yard work, a dose of apathy  seasoned with an added measure of depression…put me  in the recliner for a few days AND yowza let me tell you I am back to square one for pain and depression.

So today I started fresh. I didn’t mean to do all of this stuff, but it happened.  I still hurt, but its a pain that has been shared, addressed, laughed about, fed and  now blogged.  I feel good.

First thing this morning I fed my pint sized house guest breakfast and returned her to her real home. This could have done me in for the day but this little girl is a gem and made it easy easy easy!

Then I went to see this lady who knew exactly what was going to be hard today and made me do it!  Actually Cindee  at Higher Power Fitness is nothing less than intuitive and supportive and yes she gives me hard things to do but never gives me something I can’t do.  I felt proud of myself for getting through her well thought out plan for balance improvement today.  I am so lucky to have her on my support team.

I guzzled lots of water and headed to my next appointment just about 6 blocks away.  I was welcomed by Mary who has studied hard and long to become a therapeutic Massage provider.  Mary assured me that my my sweaty body would be acceptable on her massage table because Cindee induced sweat was ok with her.    Oh my she knows how to  fix what ails you and today

I felt like a huge block of cement as I slowly but less-pain-ly left her office.

I sent a quick text to my husband to see what he was doing as I planned to nap  and next thing I knew I was on my bike riding to meet him for lunch.

You would not think The Last Chance Tavern would be a great lunch spot, but it really is.  Lunch was followed by a meet up with Nancy and we rode about 10 leisurely miles, stopping for a treat and to say hi to Marla at Obie’s. At home I stretched and fell asleep (imagine that) I woke up realizing I was going to be late to play music at a nearby assisted living center. I joined Joan the fiddler and the cast of regulars playing some pretty darn fast bluegrass music (with some gospel tunes thrown in).  I was  wiped out to begin with so Charlie dropped me off and returned at the appointed time to retrieve me. There is something about playing the rhythm guitar in these jam sessions that is  both exhausting and renewing at the same time.   PS:  I was glad my driver tonight showed up and did not park in the “future resident” spot  as I am not quite ready to move in to Brookdale.  

I learned that I cannot let up on how I eat, how I move, where I let my mind go.  I have to keep it up.  The past few days have provided enough evidence based data.  Be good Carol.  Be good to yourself.

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