DBS Countdown Day 23 ooh Time is flying!

DBS Countdown Day 23 ooh Time is flying! I woke up at 1 am with THE MOST terrible headache and feeling quite ill. I am not prone to headaches so I knew this could not be good. ME and my blankie nested in the bathroom near the porcelain throne, feeling the cotton mouth of impending doom. But rather than lose the contents of my stomach I slept solid the rest of the night and was fully awake at 7:40, suddenly becoming aware that at 8am Charlie and I were to be down the road at the radio station for the ODD’s and END’S program. I managed to make myself presentable as did Charlie and before we knew it we had the microphones in our faces and were telling Erik and the listening audience about the event next Monday at 6pm in Conference room 2 at the hospital. My friend Nan Little will be here to talk about her book and we are quite excited. So I arrived home and Charlie started working on the outside clean up of our property. I had a lengthy text exchange with a former co-worker about the possibility of her husband having Parkinson’s. Then to lunch. Home again and the doorbell rings and a dear friend (who happens to also be a steadfast church volunteer) visits to set a calendar for meals to be brought to our family over the next month or so as I go through all these futuristic procedures. What a relief that will be for Charlie and the boys. I took a walk and sat in a rocking chair on my new front porch (actually sat on the grass in the pasture where the front porch will soon be). Then another text “Lets go for a walk”. This time the walk was to a defined location, other than my imagination that is. We feasted on the dinner delivered to our house tonight and I am stretching and exercising slowly through this evening. I know I need to conclude the series I was sharing on sleep. But I am too tired tonight to post it. That’s good news . Maybe another good nights sleep…no headache or queezy stomach please. Good nite all!

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