March 7 facebook postt

These days continue to fly. I woke up to the light just breaking the horizon. Before the chime of 6 am. I am proud to say I did my spine strengthening exercises, stretches for that darn sciatica and stretched those tight hamstrings. Some morning meds were delivered by the ever vigilant and loving care partner Charles and I went back to sleep. Oh sleep, you are the best part of the day.
Visiting a dear friend recovery from knee surgery, checking on my kid who brought friends home for lunch. Lions club lunch. Home to change clothes before physical therapy. And there, at home in my very own garage, in my own car and in the back seat …that’s where the fun began.

Do you remember when Pooh entered Rabbit’s house and ate a bit much and was not able to get back out through the rabbit hole he entered?? I found myself stuck in my car today, and I laughed to think how much I looked like Pooh. I did not get into the back seat to retrieve food, but to get my phone which fell between the seats and into its favorite hiding place. I was in the garage and had parked a little close on the passengers side. But you know I can slip right in the back passenger side door that only will open about a third of the way due to the proximity of the next vehicle…. I am 20 years old and weigh 105 lbs, right? WRONG!. Since I was truly stuck, and could not reach my phone, or the car horn …I was stuck stuck. So what was I to do. #1 on the problem solving scale. Identify the problem. Well, yeah I know the problem… I am stuck and there is no one here to help. #2 what are the possible solutions. Um, relax and take a nap. Somehow get my boots off and try to wiggle out again. hmm just think skinny #4 try one of your solutions. I did, I thought skinny and I shimmied my way out! #5 review what you will do different next time to not get into that situation. Well duh.
So the day isn’t over yet, and I am not anticipating getting stuck anywhere else. But check back later, I might find myself in yet another situation to entertain you, and me, on this countdown 21 days to DBS.

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