Countdown to DBS. Two WEEKS that is14 DAYS or 336 hours

Coming around the corner the scenery changes drastically.  Brown grass and grey   sagebrush is replaced by circles of green; winter wheat shooting up its blades from rich dark soil to bright warm sunlight.   In the distance a silver line squiggles west meeting the clouds on the horizon. The river.
I am almost home from my days excursions and I am tired. 

I have engaged three different friends in a similar discussion this past week. Can we draw good from the losses in our lives?  A loss of health.  A prognosis of a degenerative nature.  A death of a teenage son. There must be a point  in the grieving where we  leave the  desert’s winter landscape  behind. We turn the corner to see new growth, and a silvery  river that leads us away from “here” to “there”.


We all agreed.  Some good has come from this bad. It would not be worth the pain except that.

 hearts have been touched, 
warmed to compassion, 
strengthened with courage,
 motivated to action.

I have the easiest journey.  I get a reprieve from my loss.

336 hours   or
14 days       or
two weeks

Because they open up my brain and insert probes, I will change.  I will wake up somehow different.
I almost feel like I am a traitor.  My friends will continue to suffer their losses. I leave this band.
 I get to turn back the clock and take up step with a different troop.

Deep Brain Stimulation

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