Countdown to DBS 13 days to go

Countdown to DBS 13 days to go March 10 I wish this cross state drive was taking me to Corvallis to see the Hermiston girls play in the 5A basketball state championships.
But maybe another year for that. I did enjoy listening to the radio and hearing names of kids I have watched participate in sports since they were little. Jansen is an amazing defensive player with several steals and blocked shots in last night’s game. She had a couple of nice three pointers, too. Sara,according to the radio announcer, hit her 3’s from NBA range. Shaelyn “drained” the net on her “3”. Hayden and Kenzie were forces to be reckoned with on both ends of the court.

As we drive to Portland we are listening to the Bulldogs play Bend in the consolation bracket. Hearing the broadcast brought back memories…
I wasn’t the greatest basketball player but I worked hard and loved the game. Amazingly I played my sophomore year of college for Walla Walla Community College. The coach asked me to return to the team the following year I decided to concentrate on academics and returned to EWU. I had many dreams that I did turn out again. These recurring dreams showed me at whatever age I was as an adult doing drills and scrimmages with 18-19 year olds. Huffing and puffing, I did not quite fit in with the tall lean athletes.
One game with the Warriors stood out from all the rest. From the wing position the offensive play brought me out to the top of the key. I caught a pass and shot a swish for 3. The announcer would have called it a “drain”. The next play I brought the ball up with the point. I headed to the top of the key and swish for 3. I repeated it another two times for 12 unanswered points. Nothing ever happened like this in the past, or again. The defense wisened up and shut me down after that. It was a crazy fun 2 minutes of basketball fame.
That was a great time
In my life. Playing team sports teaches you comraderie and allows you opportunities to develop personal leadership skills, following another’s direction and working alongside others for towards a common goal.
There are teams of people working on the goal of supporting me right now. Some are on the same teams and don’t even know it! There is the prayer warrior team, the
cook Clupnys some dinner team, the friends visit team, the keep Carol distracted and positive team, the music team, and of courses the medical and health related teams. And the one man team Charlie who would do and does anything and everything to keep me moving. You all are champs! You shoot the ” threes” from NBA range like Sara. If the ball gets in the wrong hands, you make a quick steal like Jansen and turn the game around. When it gets close like now you put on the full court press and pull me to victory. Thanks to all of you. I wouldn’t even want to consider deep brain stimulation surgery without you on my team!
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