Countdown to DBS 8 days French Fries, Pi, Doves and Love

French Fries, Pi, Doves and Love

Last night these beautiful, intelligent women held a pre-lecture discussion group at Hales.  Topics presented for  review included the story line of the book we were to hear about tonight, the most recent travel logs of all in attendance, a review of health status of party members and their parents, spouses and pets, and most importantly could the group order and consume french fries before it was time to attend the presentation.  The french fries arrived in a timely manner and each took a dainty amount onto their  personal plates while choosing from the array of  dipping sauces provided.  One  plate of Hales french fries is sufficient for 5 women.  Yet Ford Bonney, owner and auctioneer of great skill,  prepared a another plate of fries and delivered them his very self. The second plate was placed directly in front of the person to my left. Be sure to notice those french fries are NOT in front of me. I want everyone to know I consumed only one french fry, and I took 25 minutes to eat it.  I also want everyone to know I sometimes fib.

I have known each member of this group for many years.  Seated at this table were professional colleagues I have held in high esteem.  They  were also backpacking buddies who dared to tread into the high country of Eastern Oregon in late August for the annual “last wilderness adventure before the school year” got into full swing.   We had great times!

I am glad I was included in this gathering.

The discussion, the lack of wine drinking, the french fries and the friendships renewed were compliemtned by the lecture sponsored by Altrusa International of Hermiston. Isn’t that what we gathered for anyway?

As I was leaving one member of this party gave a warm hug, held me for an extra second and offered very sincere well wishes for my upcoming surgery. This person gave me my first job, wrote a recommendation for adoption of a child and encouraged me to stretch and grow in my profession much further than I ever imagined.  I can’t describe the love and support exchanged in that brief moment.

Another moment such as this occurred this afternoon.  A fellow perigrina came to visit. She and her   husband had traveled some distance to see me before my surgery. And they brought Pi, I mean Pie. 3.14 , wasn’t that yesterday?  Pie is Pie even if it was made yesterday!!  Anyway, we walked together on the Camino de Santiago in September.  Two seconds after sitting down we were into stories while the husbands jumped into their own conversations about man stuff. Five hours was not enough time to catch up.  We grabbed on to each other and hugged hard as she wished me well. I  promised next time I see her I will be  different in some way…but not in my love for her.

My phone had a message from a friend who had moved away a few years ago.  We have had a few contacts since she left, but an ocean of events in both our lives have gone uncrossed because of distance.  At the end of the message was “I love you Carol”.

The house was quiet this evening.  Luke was at practice and Charlie was teaching CPR.  I sat by the big picture window playing my guitar.  Outside I saw that blue blue sky with puffy clouds chasing each other away from the sunset.  A lone dove landed on the phone wires  that reach across our driveway.  Last week we found the remains of another dove in our lawn, perhaps this bird’s partner.  The lone dove looked west as it rested on the wire.  It made me think about the inner quiet I feel when I watch the sun set into the horizon and the peacefulness as the dark night slowly creeps from the east.  I thought about last night and today, and these long time friends who brought me love and support.

Another dove flew by…then came back.  It was a little darker than the bird on the wire, maybe younger.  It did not stop to rest on the wire.  The lone dove left its roost,  with the backdrop of blue blue sky and clouds racing away from the sunset, and joined the darker feathered bird in its flight.

We need each other. We need to show our love and tell our love much more than we do.

French fries, Pi, Doves and Love.  My heart feels full.

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