Countdown to DBS 4 days What was the biggest day of your life?

Has anyone asked you this question?
How would you answer?

My baptism
Wedding Day
when my child was born
when I was cured
when I became sober
the day I won powerball
 tackled an addiction
summited such and such mountain
finished that marathon
banked my first million
entered Santiago de Compestello after 30 days walking
graduated college

The phrase  “Biggest Day” suggests a life changing event  marked by a place in time.

My life is a scaffold of events that have molded and changed me. Some stand out more than others

Now I face an event that is certain to change something about me.  I will somehow be “different” when I begin Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy at the end of April,  After I am healed up from the two procedures to surgically implant the devices March 23 and 28 there will be three programming sessions.  Then, we will know how “changed” I will be.

The diagnosis of PD was a huge event.  So  much has happened as a result.

Whats next?

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