They saw me Aug 4, 2016

They saw me.

Where the sand meets the  waves, reality touches the magic of the sea . The sand here is firm and so very smooth to walk; the water so numbingly cold.  I walk knee deep to soothe the pain radiating from my.back down to my calves.  When I felt nothing more from my toes,    I retreated a bit away from the water and  walked on that firm black sand beach. Moving towards the jetty  I searched for  pools among the rocks, where hopefully sea stars and anemones would be left by the outgoing tide. Finding no sea life of interest there, I turned north and faced into the wind.  My skin freshened to the crispness. 
I felt so strong, so wild and free. 
Every muscle inside screamed  RUN!  Run away from the incoming waves that desire to  freeze your boney ankles. Run into the wind until it sandblasts  your face  and burns your skin. Run in circles with your arms reaching out and hands wide open as to touch the air  and grab the moment. Run with your back to the wind so it pushes you faster and farther. Feel ALIVE as the chill ocean breeze tossles your hair and reaches through seams and zippers and button holes of your clothing. You are not cold.  You are alive!

So…  I ran. 

And they saw me.  My friends stood, always believing  I could, yet surprised and pleased to witness the moment.

We saw you.  They said.

I know, I replied.   

I ran, didn’t I…

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