JAN 11

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Survived test number two. Let me describe this physical therapy eval. First there was an interview about my activity. The rest is from the viewpoint of a Parkinson patient off meds. Cross your arms and stand up . Stand with your feet together eyes open then closed. Do it again on a cushion. Do it again on a Slant board. Walk the line fast then slow the normal then turn your head right then left While walking. Now walk while counting back wards by threes. Turn around as fast as you can. Now turn the other direction.Here let me push you over from the front, from the back from the side now the other side. Sit down. Let me jerk you arm this way and that,now the other arm. Now your feet. Ok. (PT stops to clean her hands) now touch you finger to your nose then my finger. Now the other side. Touch your thumb and pointer together as fast as you can. Other hand. Flop your hand like this, now the other hand. Let me see how flexible your neck is. (This way and that). Ok we’re done. At this point I would usually talk to you about exercise but you are doing everything I would recommend already. That is why you are doing so well with your Symptoms.
Come back tomorrow on your medication. And after that eval we’ll summarize the results for you.

As we left the PT department and entered the lobby, Charlie spotted my doctor. I loved that she was wearing a baseball cap! A smile and a hug and we are on our way…….we’ve only just begun…..lalala
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