Sleeping in

It has been a wild three weeks.  We put a few miles on our typically garaged Ford Fusion.  It served us well in rain and cold.  A fuel miser it was as we got 41 mpg!  I had three traditional book launch parties and two presentations I added time into to talk about the book.  And in Eugene, we listened to some speakers at the PRO conference.  I sold some books, just enough to make the trip worthwhile. This was help at Hotel Eugene, formally the Eugene Hilton.  They are tearing that place apart, but the meeting rooms I spent hours and hours in presenting or listening over the years were still the same. We had planned on taking Grepedo the bike along but the weather did not cooperate. Gertrude the truck has a great heater but would not have gotten 41 mpg!

After the whirlwind trip to Coos Bay, back to Eugene and driving home, we didn’t even unload the car.  We couldn’t even sleep in!  We got up and drove to Moses Lake where we spoke to their Parkinsons support group.  What great, brave people we met. At the conclusion of the meeting, we visited for a while.  Driving around and round Moses Lake was fun, but the real fun began when we finally found our friends John and Carol at their new house.  It was an evening like we used to have on the Blue Couch with snacks, beer, and story after story until 9 pm rolled around.  Then it was keep the eyes open with tooth picks kids because we had a two-hour drive home.

This morning I slept until 10:30.  Charlie came home from Mass and slept from 8 am to 1:30  pm.   I think we were tired.  I know we are tired, still.  He had big dark circles under his eyes when he left to teach a class. Maybe tomorrow he will sleep in again.

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