Dont sweat the small stuff

I am 5 days into a transition of medications. I am changing from one antidepresent that I have used for many years to a new mediucation which may help me with some of the neuropathy in my feet. The transition has been going well.

Not that this is a bad thing, but today I felt some emotion. I mean real emotion in that I got angry. A strange but familiiar feeling, we all know. Yet I have been medicated against feeling it I guess.

It was a dumb thing, I got angry because Charlie said he didnt know something on the computer that I was sure he did.

My short burst of anger totally exhausted me. For three seconds of anger, it took me twice as long to get ready for a bike ride. I could not walk out to the bike. I shuffle stepped my way out the door. I could not pick up my feet walking across the lawn and the gravel drive and had to be careful not to fall.

How stupid. Its better to take a couple of deep breaths or leave the room. It certainly wasnt worth the energy to get upset.

I got on the bike. I rode. And after a few minutes of being back in the saddle, life returned to normal.