Kudos for The Ribbon of Road Ahead

Here are some comments I have received

Carol. Thank you. Wow, amazing work on your book.

Thank you for sharing your story, your journey.

I have admired you in your work, and even more now in the way you have been tackling your Parkinson’s.

I know many who have a chronic illness, my mom being one of them, and see how all of you with your ups and downs, manage to be an example of perseverance,  strength and faith in God.

You are an example to so many. 

God bless you.


Carol is an incredible writer and storyteller. I haven’t put the book down since I started. I’m savoring every word of her courageous journey. She tackles unbelievable physical feats with grace and humor and makes you feel like you are on the road walking beside her. BUY HER BOOK. It’s a must read for anyone especially if you have Parkinson’s or love stories of triumph over insurmountable odds. ❤️ Julie F

The literature of disease, illness and disability is full of books that make me feel guilty for not being a “super-hero.” Carol’s book is not one of those. She makes it clear throughout her memoir how relentlessly hard life with Parkinson’s disease is. I can relate to her struggles, setbacks, and obstacles because I have them, too. I identify with her. What enriches her story and gives me real-life inspiration is how she keeps thinking up wild and wonderful things to do anyway–things that make her life even more difficult but also more meaningful and worthwhile! She provides a role model for continuing to live well when it seems impossible to do so. I need this; I need to see how I can still have goals that are attainable for me, but require a strong sense of purpose and commitment. Her victories make mine seem possible. The title of her book reveals her perspective: it’s not about the destination, it’s about the long, hard journey, and I can do it, too! Every “parkie” should read this book, and those who care for someone with Parkinson’s will benefit, too. Gilbert

This memoir about Carol’s struggle with and determination to overcome affects of Parkinson’s Disease is remarkable! The author opens up her deepest feelings and yet is never afraid to laugh at herself in her struggle. She is an inspiration to not only those with Parkinson’s, but any other debilitating disease. I love how she hears of important research and results and then goes for it! It was fun being along for the journey of the Camino and RAGBRAI. She never glosses over the pain or the difficulty but instead uses her faith in God and the encouragement of her family and friends to keep her moving forward. So glad she was inspired to write this!

Carol takes us along on her personal journey through the trials, challenges and traumas of adjusting to a Parkinson’s diagnosis at 50 years old. One might expect that this would be boring, tedious and dull, but not with Carol. She will have you laughing and crying along the way through multiple treks on the Camino de Santiago, the RAGBRAI bicycle rides through Iowa on the back of her tandem bike and the ultimate trip through deep brain surgery. She entertains, inspires and challenges anyone struggling with a tough patch in the road. If you are looking for encouragement on your own journey or just want to follow along with this fun, positive, resilient lady, grab this book and read. You will be glad you did. Mary Kinsch

Through her personable writing style, Carol shares her Parkinson’s journey with the reader in a way that inspires, educates, and warms the heart. Through the ups and the downs, and from darkness and into the light, this story offers encouragement and a nudge to each of us to “do something good,” with the challenges we face. Jenny Davis

Carol Clupny takes readers on an incredibly honest and brave journey through her challenges and many victories after her diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease at age 50. As she travels on the Camino del Santiago in Spain, not once but three times, the reader is right there facing the hills and rain and able to celebrate her pushing the limits of this incurable neurologic condition. From travels walking through Spain to biking across Iowa, to brain surgery back in her home in Oregon, she takes on life’s challenges with spirit, love, faith and a contagious sense of humor. The story is a true inspiration for anyone. Jill

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