I wondered what you were thinking when you saw me


the Clupny clan on Parkinsons Awareness Day

This beautiful Sunday morning was perfect for a bicycle ride.  Charlie and I donned our Evil Knievel bike kits from our Pedaling for Parkinsons/Davis Phinney Foundation team. There is just something about these kits that make us feel like we could defeat the world.  We headed through the park to reach the long, dreaded hill on Highland Avenue.  This past year the Parks and Rec Department added a bike path separate from the road.  We feel ok now about riding this hill. In fact, we were feeling so ok today we road it twice as fast as we did when we were training for RAGBRAI.  We took a break from riding to eat breakfast at the Pheasant, a Main street diner by day and a self-proclaimed blue-collar bar by night.


You have to admit that these outfits, with or without the matching capes, are eye-catching. Charlie and I were the only people dressed in these attractive red, white and blue kits in this busy restaurant today.  People looked at us, like  “what the heck are they doing?”  But no one, not a soul, said anything to us.  Did they already know that we had ridden across Iowa? Did they know that Charlie and I raised over $3000 to help folks with Parkinson’s live well every day? If they would have known, they would not have stared and said nothing.   Next time this happens I will stand on a chair and tell the world why we are wearing such attractive spandex on Sunday.


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