Preparing for a road trip Jan.9, 2020

Charlie and I are getting ready for a big road trip to promote The Ribbon of Road Ahead. I am so excited to meet new people with Parkinson’s in the southwest and California.

We are starting out on Jan 21 and driving DOOLY, our Ford Transit/Coachmen CrossFit Camper Van to Burns OR. There’s a small gathering of Parkinson’s people there and I am really excited to meet them. The local bookstore owner has invited me to stop in and maybe do a couple of readings.

Out next stop will be at the Las Vegas Parkinson’s Place Moving Day. It’s their 3rd annual gathering and my first time there. I will step on the big stage for a few minutes where I will speak about Choosing as Attitude of Adventure.

We will take a week off to play, exploring the area around Phoenix before we head for Los Angeles where Sharon Kirschner (Blogger Twitchy Woman) has invited me to her home to speak with the “Twitchy Women” support group. WHAT AN HONOR!

From there we will head directly to San Francisco where I am speaking at the Institute of Aging. This awesome organization has invited me as part of their education series.   It’s open to everyone but is a ticketed event. Professional development hours are available.

In the bay area and central coast I will speak to these support groups: Santa Cruz, San Jose, Monterey, Morro Bay. As we travel home Dooly will get rest breaks in Klamath Falls and Bend while Charlie and I visit with support groups. We hope to be home on the night of Feb 19.

Preparing talks for each of these locations has taken time, but it is time well spent. My book is not the highlight. It’s the lessons I’ve learned from my adventures that I really want to share. The attitude of adventure came from a TED TALK I heard on YouTube. Bob Kuhn from British Columbia coined the phrase, so I need to give him all the glory. I just ran with it because seems to fit me.

Now you know where I am going and a little bit about my talks. My next installment will tell how I will physically prepare to travel in a 22-foot van for a month…including medication management, nutrition for van life newbies, sleep, and keeping comfortable without my favorite easy chair.


4 responses to “PREPARING FOR A ROAD TRIP”

  1. Janet Eberhardt Avatar
    Janet Eberhardt

    You are awesome, but you must know that because I keep telling you !
    You are so dedicated to helping people all the while trying to be good to Carol and look after her !
    Yo are so blessed to have Charlie . Safe travels looking forward to your next post

  2. Well done Carol & Charlie!!
    What an adventure!
    Wishing you safe travels & im sure you’ll make a huge difference to all those who hear your talks.
    With love from South Africa
    Rose xx

  3. Bob Kuhn is a pretty amazing guy. He’s the one who came up with Parkie the raccoon. Hope your travels carry you to Seattle one of these days. 😊

    1. Safe travels! You are adventuring through some beautiful country! I hope you are bringing your hiking boots and poles!!

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