Be Prepared (I found this in my draft box, not sure why it wasnt published when I wrote it)

It’s part of the “scout” motto. I understand why. How many times have I gone out the door without my meds.   After driving several miles down the road  I remember them and have to turn around.   There have been times when I have not brought any food or drink and relied on the nearest fast-food menu,  which makes me bloat.  Hmm, have I taken care of my bills, taxes, financial planning. I once sat with an employee at the lawyer’s office helping her to get her last papers in order as she was picking bugs out of the air.  (hallucination due to a brain tumor). 

We got a sign for our teenaged son:  I CANNOT ADULT TODAY.

Sorry folks, we have to adult.  If we don’t take care of things we get fined for not showing up at court, pay tons of late fees for not paying credit card bills on time, have utilities turned off, have safety issues in our home from lack of maintenance, or adaptations. Sometimes we have to chase the elephant out of the room before it gets any bigger.  Those are tough conversations we signed on for when we passed the age of 17.

We have a progressive neurological disease  Truth be told, we are only going to get worse. But we can make things better for ourselves and those around us by getting and keeping our home lives and paperwork in some semblance of order.  There is stuff that needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and for the lifetime and unfortunately to help others when we die.  Please don’t wait until you are the person sitting at the lawyer’s table hallucinating.  Get working on it now. 

Be prepared.

Be an adult.

You’ll be glad.

2 responses to “Be Prepared (I found this in my draft box, not sure why it wasnt published when I wrote it)”

  1. Some times its hard to be an adult, but we have to keep trying. good article.

    1. Janet Eberhardt Avatar
      Janet Eberhardt

      That is excellant advice, we don’t have to like it but we have to do it !

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