The Ribbon of Road: day one

After preaching to the Pendleton Support group to not be too hard on themselves for the difficulties encountered in an impossible task, I beat up on myself for not being well prepared and confident through the first part of the talk

I knew as soon as I arrived that I would have tough time. On the way out of town day 2’s host called to say a member of their group fell, broke his neck and passed away

That really got to me. The next phone call was telling us that the 46 year old son of friends committed suicide. I found myself shaken but I cant cut myself slack for not giving the best talk

Hadnt I decided at 3:30 this morning when I was wide awake like the rest of the parkies that today would be my best day yet? Hadnt I chosen an attitude of adventure?

Give it a break Carol

Give it another go

If you are going to preach it then do it

You are fine

5 responses to “The Ribbon of Road: day one”

  1. I thought you did a great job yesterday, thanks so much Carol and Chuck. we had a good group yesterday.

  2. Janet Eberhardt Avatar
    Janet Eberhardt

    Wow Carol that is pretty heavy stuff, some people would have just cancelled,but you are the trus energized bunny

  3. Janet Eberhardt Avatar
    Janet Eberhardt

    Need to wear my glasses

  4. Tough day. Thanks for sharing the importance of cutting yourself some slack. There are those days that simply suck. And then you move on. xoxo B.

  5. I love reading your log, Carol. You truly are an inspiration…..and if anyone needs to cut themselves slack, it’s you. So sorry to hear about the sad news parts!!

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