The Sassy Chassis

My July Journey started out pretty darn bumpy. On the last day of June I was fitted with an ankle brace and orthotics which improved my walking and so far decreased the significant pain from calluses on the bottom of my feet. That is a big HURRAY!

The new items were very comfortable and I must have worn them longer than I should. Because today, I felt horrible! WHY?

I don’t want to compare myself to an old pickup, but this is  what makes sense to me…

You buy an old pickup that been stored inside for awhile. Its exterior looks pretty good for its age. But there are some leaking seals, some hoses and the battery  needs changed out. So you start to work on those things, adding some new and some used parts and the pickup starts having more problems. The additions, although very good in getting that system running have placed pressure on some other old parts that were very happy running just the way they were. So those old parts are complaining.

Yeppers, my old parts surely complained last night.

On and off, I woke with cramps in my calves and thighs. I was sleep talking about them last  night. This concerned my husband, because I generally am a pretty quiet sleeper. He tucked my security blanket  around me and we both fell back to sleep. I woke up with a jerk, the room blazing with sunlight and me soaked in sweat. I could hardly move. My body was sore and I felt tilted like the leaning tower of Pisa. I couldn’t talk or walk very well. I put the brace and my shoes on, and my body felt the change and threw my head into confusion. Within a little time of taking the 7am meds, I began to function and made it through 30 minutes of AMY SAYS DANCE and 60 minutes of high intensity workout.

I wore the brace for 4 hours again today.  I feel ok right now, just really fatigued. I have placed a fair amount of hope that this new attachment to my body will bring some  about improved quality of life.

After all my chassis is still sassy and I want keep moving.




5 responses to “The Sassy Chassis”

  1. You are a very determined lady, good luck Carol, it will get easier as time goes by.

    1. I am encouraged that you follow my adventures and always have a positive comment. Thanks!

  2. Hang in there Cousin Carol…you will be back on the bike sooner than you now think. Hey, we were going to meet up in Iowa this summer….oh well, life / virus has changed everything. And….. I can relate to “leaky valve” . Judy

  3. Susan Lopez-Payan Avatar
    Susan Lopez-Payan

    Hang in there and start moving slowly. As your body gets stronger you will be able to move more. Check out Feldenkriais on YouTube. It’s magical.

    1. Yes indeed…..your chassis IS sassy!!! You are a real inspiration, my friend!!!

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