The Last Entry….home

Portland International Airport passport control and immigration were a puzzle to me.   Of course the confusion contributed to my anxiety level as I had a limited amount of time to get to my Seaport air flight home.   We disembarked at the International flight terminal and walked into a large room where all passengers from all incoming flights were lined to scan their passports into a machine.  With 400 people inline, 6 of 8 machines were functioning. Two attendants were available for assistance and one was fixing machines while the other was directing passengers to the immigration officers.   My turn to scan my passport and answer the list of questions and then have my photo taken, resulted in a successful first attempt.  At the next station the officer looked over my scanned photo, passport and declaration card and then sent me to the another officer who stamped my passport.  Then I ran the hallways to the baggage claim area where I found my pack intact and was directed upstairs to my connecting flight.  I did not expect another security check and I had a knife, liquids and my trekking poles in my pack.  The backpack made it through the scanner just fine.   My day pack got examined as well as my body!  I forgot I had placed a bottle  of water in the pack.  The scanner  did not like my ankles or belly so the woman officer did a pat down to check things out.  Quickly , I got my shoes on, my pack went on my back, I held the day pack and I ran.  Sorta, well jogged, well kinda.  Anyway, my ambulation was much faster than my usual pace.  Coming down the stairs to the Final E gate  I heard the Seaport employee call my name.  There was a quick visit to the bathroom and I walked to the familiar Cessna 9 caravan. With three other passengers on board, the rattling plane gave us smooth and beautiful ride to Pendleton.  Luke and Charlie were at the Pendleton airport, with roses in hand to greet me. It was so very glad to see them I about squeezed the stuffings out of them.
So ends the travel log of my most recent adventures in Spain.  I have not posted to my blog so there will be new stories and pictures coming as I reflect on the events since Sept. 4, 2015.
Buen Camino

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