The Last Entry….home

Portland International Airport passport control and immigration were a puzzle to me.   Of course the confusion contributed to my anxiety level as I had a limited amount of time to get to my Seaport air flight home.   We disembarked at the International flight terminal and walked into a large room where all passengersContinue reading “The Last Entry….home”

Who assembled this group?

There are four women staying at this house.  I am 20 years older than the oldest.  Their life experiences reach far beyond mine.   When I first arrived there was a woman from Seattle, a Washington State Patrol Officer.  Merka had most recently lived in Bend.  Gwen called Portland her hometown.  Gwen’s uncle once taughtContinue reading “Who assembled this group?”

The Little Fox House

Are you wondering what I am up to today?   I awoke before the alarm from a dream about chasing pigs off  Maryhelen Peterson ‘s porch.   After a luxurious hot shower  I headed to the bus station for tranporttation to a place  where I would still need to walk 18 km.   Just byContinue reading “The Little Fox House”

Backyard fences

 Growing up on Berney Drive in Walla Walla I learned a lot about fences.  The man who built our house, Ralph Bramlet, brought a load of lodge pole from his land in Dixie, Idaho.  I was given the job of peeling bark and painting a sealant and holding the poles while we built the lodgeContinue reading “Backyard fences”